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Cressida cd009

By | 06.10.2020

If you're putting a VQ 6 speed CD in your S chassis, then you're going to need a new cross member under the car to keep it in place. We've designed this all new cross member to locate the tailhaft of the VQ transmission using a VG Z32 ZX transmission mount for easier fitment and better stability then the single bolt design of the VQ. The cross member has slotted mounts to the chassis to allow for different transmission adapters and motor positions while the formed steel design keeps it light weight and strong.

Kit includes :. Welcome to Driftmotion! Our shop location is also closed to the public until further notice, no will-call services for any reason. Because of our limited staff, the website will re-open for new orders on Saturday and Sunday so we can ship those orders next week. Aaron is available for tech questions extended hours via cell phone and text. The only info we can provide is what you see in your tracking info.

Thank you so much for your support over the years, and your patience at this time. We will get through these difficult times, and we will always do our best for you!

Please everyone stay safe out there!!! We only ship to your credit card billing address. We can not ship international orders to domestic freight forwarders. Items that have the free shipping logo displayed will only qualify for shipping inside the US lower 48 states. All prices shown on our website are in US Dollars.

Shop By Part Type. Kit includes : 1 New Crossmember 4 New chassis bolts 4 Washers. Related Items.But, the Cressida is one of the best-hidden gems in the automotive world. The Cressida also lead to the Lexus LS, which ended up being a pretty huge success. In a world of loud cars everywhere, sleepers are becoming increasingly common. What happens when you want to fly under the radar? Well, you need a car that is A. This goes without saying, but the Cressida is quite honestly an ugly car.

Toyota Cressida

If you look at it for long enough it might become semi-attractive, but it will never truly be a good looking car. Like I said above, ugly cars fly under the radar, so almost no one will expect much out of an old and ugly Toyota. You know what the nicest part of grandma cars are? The luxurious interior.

Think about this logically, what makes a grandma car, a grandma car? Luxury car interiors are rather obviously a lot nicer to drive around in than standard interiors. The downside to this is that it adds a lot of unnecessary weight. But, many Cressidas end up being turned into drift cars, and that awesome granny interior always ends up going in the trash. Basically, the 1JZ and 2JZ both have the ability to make insane amounts of power with as little as a turbo and fueling upgrades.

How does this translate to making the Cressida better? Well, remember what I said at the beginning? This engine can super easily be swapped out with the much better 1JZ.

A swap is pretty much as simple as changing the wiring harness and computer. This swap will take a Cressida from a pathetic horsepower to over horsepower really quickly. Luckily most of the people in the drift community know what the Cressida is capable of.

They embrace it as one of the oddball types of drift cars. Overall I think the Cressida makes an excellent sleeper. It being related to the MK3 Supra definitely makes it even more attractive to modification. Let me know what you think of the Cressida down in the comments below!

I built a 1J cressida when you could still get the jzx81 front cuts. It was a fantastic car and I still kick myself for selling it. Not that many around in good shape now.

Can go even cheaper. Take the turbo 7mgte out of a MkIII Supra that someone else has decided is unreliable…swap with extreme ease. Apply standard turbo car protocol and get lols with stock looking setup.Cressida was the export version of the Mark II sold in Japan. The "Cressida" nameplate derives from the Trojan character. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Toyota Cresta. Main article: Toyota Mark II. Index of articles associated with the same name. Categories : Set indices on cars Toyota vehicles Cars introduced in Hidden categories: Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with short description All set index articles.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Compact car — Mid-size car — Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive. Toyota Cresta Toyota Chaser. Toyota Avalon North America and Australia.

Yaris Sedan. Tercel 4WD Wagon. Yaris Liftback. Corolla FX. Camry Solara. Sport compact. Paseo C. Sports car.If I am looking for a used one what years should I look for?

Thank you - Jason. Rated 4. Just got it in the car and it fits as it should, true bolt in replacement. I would go for the new mount since you are right there. The car shifts as you would expect from a new unit, tight in and out of every gear. Great value compared to parts and labor to fix one with flaws. Still running break-in oil, so nothing too hard yet. This is hands down the best route for swapping out the old transmission. Just swapped mine out and it runs like a new one should, and makes driving a lot better.

Read more. As we all know, the earlier version of the Z transmissions have soft synchro rings, and cause grinding in gears. These transmission are brand new, not rebuilt, and are complete genuine transmissions directly from Nissan. All of the above accessories and components are pre-installed by Nissan for an easy install. Our new Compatibility checking feature is still being updated and revised.

cressida cd009

If you have questions about vehicle fitment, please contact us. Looks like you're using an unsupported browserso some features might not work.

We recommend upgrading your browser for a better experience. Nissan Z-Cars. Price Match. Customer Questions. Ask a Question.

Yes, this is the same as the CD View All Reviews Write a Review. Often Purchased With. On Sale. Includes: Complete, brand new Nissan OEM transmission assembly Clutch pivot ball Clutch release fork Throw-out bearing sleeve Throw-out bearing Reverse sensor switch Neutral sensor switch All of the above accessories and components are pre-installed by Nissan for an easy install. We would like to point out This is a brand new complete genuine Nissan OEM transmission.

It is not rebuilt or remanufactured. Nissan offers very limited warranty coverage on transmissions. Should you have an issue, you will need to take the transmission to your local dealer to have them "condemn" the transmission.

The warranty does not cover any labor, shipping, diagnostics or inspection fee, and completion of the warranty is entirely up to the dealerships discretion. That said, because these are brand new transmissions, it is extremely rare for them to have any issues whatsoever. Nissan ships their transmissions pre-filled with fluid to prevent the internals from corroding during storage and shipping.

This fluid is not meant to be driven on, and you must change the fluid before driving the vehicle. We insure all of our packages for shipping.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The stock shifter sits quite far back and fairly high which makes it not work well for most applications. Since none of us have ever accidentaly hit reverse when up shifting, we decided that wasn't worth the increased cost. This can be quite important compared to taller shifters if you want the trans tunnel sealed from road noise, heat and debris. Keeping it simple, we also managed to make it more affordable and more available, typically in stock.

All the billet aluminum components are CNC machined from and assembeled with plated steel hardware. The stock CD shifter sits quite far back and doesn't fit most swap cars. This billet shifter bracket has three posistions based on your transmssion and fitment equirements.

Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. All Rights Reserved. Xcessive Manufacturing. Magento Commerce. Search: Search. You have no items in your shopping cart.

cressida cd009

Add to Cart Qty:. Kit Includes Shifter base bracket Shifter pivot mount with bushings and bolts Bolting hardware to mount on transmssion Shifter handle Shifter linkage. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Tags Add Your Tags:.We can build any Toyota you have! We are happy to work with you on even brand new trucks that you want to fit with a V8 engine. If you have questions about what is needed for your specific rig please just ask!

We are happy to spend some time helping you get the correct parts for your rig! We will be adding more write ups on product installation here soon. If you purchased a part and need assistance with installation please feel free to contract us and we will walk you thru the installation process. Our flywheels are designed, machined and built in the USA.

The key to this kit is the clutch disc. One side has metallic pucks for a positive hold and the other has our Pro clutch fiber lining providing a smoother engagement to retain drive ability. We recommend this for street vehicles with high horsepower engines. This clutch is stiffer than stock, but not as stiff as our metallic clutch kit.

This kit puts all those parts together for you in nice package and takes the ordering of multiple items away and saves you money over ordering them separately. See below for details. These are shipped painted black. Our motor mounts are designed, machined, and built right here in the USA. This new design is a ultra trick style that bolt directly to the engine and frame design, so no need for isolator pads required for this style of mount.

Dampening any vibration is controlled thru the use of poly bushings. No need to reuse any old parts! This kit includes the CNC cut engine plates, frame mounting plate, bolt, nuts, washers, bushings. The only thing you supply is the engine, the rig and the time to weld this all together.

This allows custom setups for those that want to place the engine in the bay themselves. Our bell includes the bell, front input extension, and pivot mount.

The slave cylinder mounting area is over sized in height and mounting location for a custom fit of your slave cylinder. We offer custom built radiators for the truck and 4runner. If you want a custom built unit visit the cooling tab. This aluminum radiator is designed to work with the rest of our 1uz swap components for the 89 thru 95 trucks and 4runners.

This radiator will supply the cooling capacity needed for those long hot days at the beach or the trail.I spent quiet a while 2 months and going looking for an r after mine broke, but no luck, so I read people started doing the cd swap, and I have searched online for this topic but I couldn't understand much it, it wasn't as clear as I thought it would be.

I know Collins sell an adapter kit, but I also read that it needs to be cut to fit, but do I need more than just an adapter? I really want something as close as a bolt on as an r and as for power I'm willing to hit the whp this winter, any help would be appreciated. Looking into the cost of a new trans and adapter, wouldn't it be the same to just rebuild the r? I thought of that, but several mechanics said they wont do that, and I don't really have the time, tools or even the experience to do it.

The shop that fit my engine and tranny told me its best I get another r but the price has gone severely up not to mention I couldn't find any r's, hence why I thought of going with a cd So there are now a few ways to do this now. Collins offers two different kits, one of which doesn't require machining the bellhousing. Both Collins and maverick offer conversion flywheels that let you run a z clutch.

Then brought a nismo short shifter. Thats all the easy stuff.

1UZFE Engine

Collins also offers a high HP clutch kit. They shift like trucks, the nissan trans is smooth like butter! Handles power very well and being newer you can buy a brand new tranny from nissan or z1motorsports for plus shipping! My friend has daily driven his 2jz with cd z for over a year and has had 0 issues with tranny. I havent even started my swap, ive been collect parts but I like the quality of the kit collins produces and austin hoke.

Auto to Manual Swap: Twin Turbo JDM Sleeper Goes Five Speed. Ultimate Daily Driver?

Oh cool, didn't know another company made an adapter kit, thanks for mentioning that, I'll compare both Maverick and Collins and later on see wether I'm more comfortable with machining the housing or not. Thanks for clearing things up, I really didn't know about the shifter linkage relocation, not sure if I should actually order that, since you're talking about an S30 and mines an S, I remember both cars have different dimensions.

cressida cd009

I'm kind of concerned about the drive shaft though, but hopefully i'd find a shop that would make a custom one, the nismo short shifter looks cool xD. No one cares about the so parts are cheap. Its a cheap car to begin with. Mavericks and collins are legit the same thing. Maves just gives you the option of getting your own z clutch which is a hassle because you will spend more than if you went with collins kit.

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